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Mindful Eating

As a yoga enthusiast/practitioner I have become a student of mindfulness. I believe it is one of the greatest challenges in life- to stay present moment by moment. Recently many individuals have expressed concerns  regarding overeating, inspiring a post on this topic. Most overeating occurs from taking a mindless approach to nutrition.

Not sure if you eat mindlessly. Allow me to paint you a picture. Have you ever opened your refrigerator door grabbing one of the first things you see and proceed to shovel this concoction into your mouth without noticing the flavor, texture, and  temperature of the food? Or perhaps you have polished off a bowl of popcorn during a movie night simply because it was on your lap.

Two of the greatest principles of yoga can help us on this front – intention and awareness (mindfulness). Would you shovel large portions of food into your mouth if you were being mindful? Would you venture to eat foods which hindered you body’s ability to thrive and develop?

Yes… Yes… Many of us know that we could learn a think or two about mindfulness, but how do we change?

Here are some suggestions:


Listen to your body. Can you detect signals of hungry or satiety?


Before eating observe how you are feeling. Are you emotional? Are you hoping to stuff away your current thoughts/feelings? Or are you eating for energy/overall health and performance. Be willing to be honest with your answers.Refrain from justifications.


Pause before a meal and give thanks. Whether in a formal prayer form or just in thought. It is difficult to check out when gratitude is on the scene.

Just three simple steps and you are on your way to eating with awareness and consciousness.

What do you do to ensure you are eating out of genuine hunger?

Any suggestions/insights you have regarding this topic?


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